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Who are Cash University?(Read 811 times)

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Who are Cash University? on: December 29, 2016, 12:06:39 PM
Let me introduce myself and the team.

We are a team of four entrepreneurs with varying skills from marketing, product creation, and specialists in small work at home businesses. When we say small we mean businesses that can be ran from any home with minimal costs.

We run all of these businesses ourselves and provide you our insights on each business on how we turn a profit from scratch!

We own online marketing companies, various digital products, and a printing business.

Our intention with this forum is to show you exactly what we do so that you can copy our success and replicate our techniques.

Inside the forum we teach you the following:

1. Product Creation
2. How to market the products which you create whether they are physical or digital
3. Online Marketing using Facebook, PPV, PPC
4. Real life money making ventures that you can copy right now!
5. We provide you with sillouette files, images, for your printable sublimation products and show you how to market them.
6. How to make money from products which you do not even own
7. How you can own and run a printing business without spending a penny on machinery or printing equipment.
8. Affiliate Marketing

Our online marketing businesses generate many thousands per year and our printing business which we only set up 5 months ago has generated around 20,000 in sales already using some very simple techniques.

We do not market things like any other company and we achieve very quick results with the methods used.

Many people say you can not teach old dogs new tricks... well let me tell you these old dogs have many new tricks and we seem to have the midas touch when it comes to everything listed above.

We take thinking outside the box to the extreme!